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Courtyard Marriott - Conyers

Courtyard Marriott - Conyers

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SRGC High Power

South River Gun Club High Power Rifle Matches

The following is the format for all monthly High Power matches, except the M1 match in January (which is an abbreviated version of the following course of fire):

Times: Arrive no later than 0830 for check-in and safety briefing.

Entries: Entries will be accepted until 0830 prior to firing. Entries will be limited to 32 competitors.

Range/Pits and Scoring: The range does not use pits. All relays are fired at 200 or 300 yards and are scored at the end of each relay on the target frames. Competitors will be required to score.

Rifles: Service Rifle (M1, and civilian variants of the M14 or M16) or NRA Match Rifle.

Targets/Rules: SR, SR-3, MR-63 targets; all NRA rules apply

Empty Chamber Indicators: empty chamber indicators will be used to indicate the chamber is clear.

Ammo: Competitors will furnish their own ammo.

Course of Fire: 80 Shot NRA Course with sighters.

  • Match 1 - 200 yards slow fire Standing – 2 sighters, 20 rnds. in 22 mins. SR target
  • Match 2 - 200 yards rapid fire Sitting from Standing- 2 sighters, 2- 10 rnd. strings, 60 secs per string. SR target
  • Match 3 - 300 yards rapid fire Prone from Standing- 2 sighters, 2- 10 rnd. strings, 70 secs per string. SR-3 target
  • Match 4 - 600 yards (simulated at 300) slow fire Prone- 2 sighters 20 rnds in 22 mins. MR-63 target
  • Match 5 - Aggregate of matches 1, 2, 3, and 4

Competition is open to all, but if you have never fired in a High Power match before you will need to get with the Match Director prior to the match for introductory/safety training (for safety reasons, you will not be allowed to ‘walk up’ and shoot a match without assurancesto the Match Director that you know what you’re doing). New competitors must sign a new liability waiver.

For further information, contact the Match Director, John Bowers, via phone at 770.787.7949 (before 2100 hours please) or email