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Courtyard Marriott - Conyers

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Tuesday Evening Pistol Practice


On Tuesday evenings, March through October, the Bullseye Range will be open for practice.  All pistol shooters are welcome.  The Bullseye Program will be offering supervised 25 yard practice including turning targets from 5:00PM until dusk or 8:00PM.  This is designed to provide marksmanship practice for all pistol disciplines and the focus will be on marksmanship rather than scoring.  Yes, most modern guns will hold a repair center at 25 yards.  Slow fire, 2 second drills, sighting in exercises, and sustained fire practice will all be available.  Guns are to be handled safely at the firing line only and then only when the range is hot.  At all other times, guns should be unloaded on the bench with an empty chamber indicator in place or unloaded in a pistol case.  Failure to promptly follow range commands or a violation of Gun Club Safety Rules may result in a warning or expulsion from the night's practice.  Free to club members, $15.00 for friends of  non-club members. If you have not signed a club liability waiver in the past 12 months, you will need to sign one before shooting.


Range Commands on the Bullseye Range:


You may handle your weapons - Everyone is back from down range, the firing line is hot and you may handle unloaded weapons.  Guns are to remain pointed in a safe direction at all times.


Load - The range officer will instruct you to load a specific number of rounds.  You may pre-load your magazines or moon clips, but neither may touch your gun until the word "load".  For example, "with five rounds - LOAD"


Ready on the firing line - All shooters are loaded and prepared to fire.  You will be asked "is the line ready?"  If you have an issue with loading or your gun, raise your non-shooting or support hand at this point to alert the range officer.  Help will come, if needed.


Stand Easy - Loaded guns pointed down range, finger are off the trigger.  A fellow shooter has an issue.  Please wait for commands to resume.  This can take a few minutes depending on the issue.


Commence Fire - Fire at Will.  This command is given on faced targets.  For turning targets, fire when the target presents which is about 3 seconds after the word "line in the ready" declaration.


Cease Fire - Stop shooting, unload any saved rounds and lower your gun to the bench.


Make the line safe - Guns on the bench, actions open, magazines out, and empty chamber indicators in place.


The line is safe - Do NOT touch the guns!  The range is cold and shooters may move forward of the firing line.