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Courtyard Marriott - Conyers

Courtyard Marriott - Conyers

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Action Range Rules and Regulations

  1. All South River Gun Club Rules are in Force!!!!

  2. BE SAFE!  Follow the four commandments of gun handling:  a)  Treat every gun as though it were loaded; b)  Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target; c)  Do not point the muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy; d) Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

  3. Eye & Ear protection must be worn upon entering the range. 

  4. All guns not being shot must be benched, racked, holstered, or slung.  Do not walk around with a gun in your hand, loaded or not.  Any gun not holstered must have it's action open when not being used.

  5. AirSoft or similar weapons are absolutely prohibited from all SRGC Ranges.  In addition, no weapons of any kind, whether AirSoft, dummy or other weapons can be pointed at any other person at any time!  NO EXCEPTIONS!

  6. Shoot within the berms of the shooting pit you choose.  Pit #5 will allow a distance of about 35 yards.  Pit #8 will get you about 55 yards from your target.  If you need more yardage, go to the rifle range.  

  7. Keep the muzzle of your firearm pointed downrange at all times.  All target stands must be placed so that all bullets will directly impact into the berms. For most applications, this would mean placing your stands/targets directly against the back or side berms.  Plinking targets should be placed ON THE BERM ITSELF TO REDUCE THE CHANCE OF RICOCHETS!!  Do not shoot at the floor of the pit!

  8.  .22 caliber rim fire rifles may be used in Pits #5 and 6. Pit #6 is now the designated "plinking range". 

  9. Pit #8 is intended for multifunctional use, however, there should be no firing laterally in this pit into or through the Cowboy Town, unless your practice routine is approved in advance by the Gun Club Manager.  All targets should otherwise be placed in the middle of the pit, up against the back berm and firing should be done only down the center of the pit. .22 rim fire rifles, practical rifles, center fire rifles, and shotgunners using stationary targets may use Pit #8 in addition to its basic use for action shooting, as long as your targets are placed as indicated previously.  Please do not tie up Pit #8 with close shooting drills.  If you are shooting at 30 yards or less, use one of the other pits and leave Pit #8 free for those who wish to practice "distance" shooting drills.

  10. No frangible targets except air-filled balloons and clay birds are allowed.  Target stands are on the premises.  You must supply your own targets.  Range props are not target stands!  Do not shoot at range furniture or props.

  11. We have two Glock style plate racks for use by the members, however, due to abuse of the plate racks and plates, these have been removed from the Action Range.  They may be back in the future but that decision has not been made as yet!   
  12. Please clean up and dispose of your trash in the furnished trash barrels.  Leave the shooting area as good as, or better than you found it, in other words, don't leave on the ground here what you wouldn't leave at your own home!

  13. Do not leave live rounds on the pit floors!  They pose a hazard to other shooters.

  14. Scheduled matches take priority over all other range requirements.  Schedules are posted in the clubhouse and on this website.

  15. All scheduled activity for the practical shooting range must be coordinated with  the gun club manager. This includes impromptu clinics/classes involving members and guests/students!

  16. Have fun, but be safe!

  17. If you have any questions regarding the use of the Practical Shooting Range, ask the range execs or the gun club manager.

  18. NO rifle calibers larger than .308 are allowed on the action shooting range (Cowboy action & 7.62 x 39 tactical rifles excluded)! Any caliber larger than .308 is to be used ONLY on the rifle range!


  20. Buckshot and shotgun slugs are allowed in the action pits, but only when used in a tactical manner or match situations. All other situations must use the rifle range.