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Courtyard Marriott - Conyers

Courtyard Marriott - Conyers

1337 Old Covington Hwy

Conyers, GA 30013



The Preferred Hotel for SRGC!

Rifle Range Rules and Regulations

  1. All General SRGC rules will apply and must be observed.   

  2. Our main rifle range has reopened and again has shooting points for 50, 100, 200, & 300 yard rifle practice

  3. A range monitor must be present at all times when rifle practice is allowed!  Please schedule your appointments in advance by emailing the Gun Club Manager at  Up to 300 yard practice is allowable only if there is no one shooting on the shorter distance points.  Again, check with the gun club manager to schedule appointments and questions.
  4. The rifle areas are fixed distance, paper target areas.  Therefore, no cans, bottles, rocks, etc. may be used as targets.  Firing may only be done at a fixed distance of the range! 

  5. Target frames and plywood backers are provided at each berm.  Targets may ONLY be affixed to these by stapling ONE target to the center of the backer.  DO NOT slide any other apparatus over these frames.  

  6. Each and every member is responsible for cleaning up their targets, etc. from these frames after use.  Do not just leave your trash in them!  There are trash cans provided for this purpose! Your membership does not include the right to leave your trash for others to pick up.  Failure to observe this rule will result in a warning the first time and revocation of your membership the next time.  

  7. Targets must be set so as to insure that all bullets impact in such a way as to insure that they stay on the property and cause no safety problem.  This requires that targets be set so that the top of the target is below the top of the berm which must be immediately behind the target.  Do not shoot "cross range"--only down range and perpendicular to the firing line.

  8. No vehicles are allowed on the range.

  9. No full automatic fire is allowed, per General Rules.

  10. An area is also available in Action Bay #8 and is a multi-use area, whereby rifles, pistols or shotguns can be used.  Long range pistols may be fired on this range. 

  11. Scheduled activities have priority over casual unscheduled shooting.  Rifle area users are encouraged to check the SRGC website for range availability.  If you have a question about area availability, call the club ahead of time. 

  12. Failure to comply with these rules of SRGC is grounds for revoking range use privileges and/or membership.