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Courtyard Marriott - Conyers

Courtyard Marriott - Conyers

1337 Old Covington Hwy

Conyers, GA 30013



The Preferred Hotel for SRGC!

Bulls Eye Pistol Range Rules

  1. No rifles, shotguns or long guns may be used on this range, except for the extreme right hand side which is a designated "rifle use" area. No Magnum rifle calibers are allowed on this range/area at any time!

  2. Paper/cardboard targets only!! Targets must be fitted into the frames:

  • a)  Use only one bulls eye aiming point centered in a frame; no multiple aiming points.
  • b)  Do not fasten targets to frames with tape. This peels the paint from the frames.
  1. No bottles, cans, clay pigeons, rocks, blocks of wood, etc., may be used as targets.

  2. Do not shoot at frames, concrete cylinders, or other range furniture.  Do not cross-fire at targets or objects other than the target in the frame. corresponding to your point on the range.

  3. Clean up your mess!! All trash should be picked up before you leave the range. This includes lunch debris, ammo boxes, brass, targets, paper, etc.

  4. This range is primarily a bulls eye range used for competitive shooting and conventional pistol practice. However, it may be used as a training range from time to time!  Remember to check the Google Event Calendar on the website! Casual plinking facilities are provided in one of the action shooting pits.

  5. Shooters not engaged in bulls eye style firing will be expected to defer to those members shooting bulls eye style firing.

  6. Cooperation and coordination among all shooters using this range is required for the safety of all. Please coordinate your down range pasting/target change trips with the other shooters on the line!  When shooters are down range, do not handle any firearms! They must be benched with the actions open!

  7. Per General Rules, eye and ear protection must be worn by all shooters and spectators.

  8. This is a fixed distance range of 25 and 50 yards!  If you need other distances, please take it to the action bays!