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Courtyard Marriott - Conyers

Courtyard Marriott - Conyers

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General Membership Rules

  1. Members and guests accompanied by members may use the rifle/pistol ranges 9:00 AM until dark, year round, for practice unless there is a scheduled match or work party. Family members are also included in your SRGC membership. These are defined as a spouse, children that are in college or live at home, and grandchildren under the age of 21.

  2. All members must wear their membership card so that it is visible at all times when you are on the grounds of South River Gun Club.

  3. Shooters must supply their own targets. Targets are then either stapled or tacked to the backer, which is provided on the rifle range only. A basic shooting kit to have includes targets, backers and a staple gun. Each member is required to properly dispose of their targets, etc., after they are finished shooting. There are trash cans provided for this purpose. The club has a small selection of targets available for sale in the clubhouse.

  4. There is a daily guest fee for use of the rifle and pistol ranges. For guests of members, the charge is $25.00 per day. This is to be paid no matter how many shots the guest fires.

  5. GUESTS are defined as anyone other than the member, their spouse, children and their grandchildren who either live at home with the parent members or are in college. It is permissible to bring an unlimited number of adult guests to use the rifle/pistol ranges.

  6. Members, their guests, and the general public may use the skeet/trap ranges for practice when the clubhouse is open for operation. Those days and hours are: Wednesday, 2-8P; Saturday, 10A-6P; Sunday, 12:00-6:00P. These hours/days may be adjusted, so please check the board in the clubhouse for changes. At all other times, the gate is closed and locked. During registered tournaments, every effort is made to have at least one trap and skeet field open for practice, however, due to the nature of these tournaments, please check with the clubhouse for more information on these days.

  7. All new members are now required to complete a safety/orientation briefing with the rangemaster of the club prior to being allowed to use any pistol or rifle ranges.

  8. In the event of termination of your membership for cause, there is no refund (prorated or otherwise) of your current year's dues.

  9. 25/50 Round SRGC skeet/trap cards are authorized for use by members/immediate family living in the same household only. (Guests cannot shoot off member's cards.)

  10. All shooting will be limited to firing at standard targets only. Shooting at deer, bats, birds, etc. is not permitted and will result in revocation of your membership.

  11. Children must be kept under full supervision at all times and are never permitted to play on any of the ranges, whether they are in use or not.

  12. No one will be permitted to shoot on any of the ranges after having used any alcoholic beverage and no alcoholic beverages are permitted on the firing line of any range. Failure to observe this rule will result in revocation of your membership.

  13. Absolutely no hunting is permitted on the Gun Club property. Failure to observe this rule will result in revocation of your membership.

  14. No full automatic firearms are allowed on any of the ranges. This would include any modifications that simulate full or near full auto fire!!

  15. All basic safety rules as set forth by the NRA, ATA, NSSA, USPSA, IDPA, SASS, and IHMSA rule books will be followed at all times on respective ranges.

  16. When not on the firing line preparing to fire, all guns will be unloaded, magazines removed, actions open, and benched or holstered on pistol or rifle ranges; actions open and muzzle down range on shotgun ranges. Under no conditions or circumstances can there be ANYONE downrange while live fire is going on up range. This applies to persons at an angle to the line of fire also! When going downrange to perform any action, all weapons must be either holstered or laid on a shooting table, their actions open and unloaded and not be touched until everyone is back up range. Pistols are allowed to be carried loaded in holsters ONLY by members with a valid Georgia concealed carry permit. At absolutely no time, can a loaded pistol be removed from the holster unless you are on the firing line ready to shoot and the all clear has been given! Failure to observe this rule will result in permanent expulsion from membership at SRGC!!!!

  17. No shooting will be allowed on any ranges whenever the security light is on, except for the lighted shotgun ranges. Exceptions would be authorized qualifications/clinics pre-approved by the gun club manager.

  18. Only designated guns allowed on respective ranges, except as approved in advance by Gun Club Manager for matches or clinics.

  19. No pets will be allowed in the clubhouse and all pets on the grounds must be on a leash and under full control of the owner.

  20. Because the electronic gate system logs you in when you flash your card to enter the club, members do not have to sign in when the clubhouse is closed. When the clubhouse is open for trap/skeet practice, members and their guests must still stop at the clubhouse and sign in before proceeding to any ranges.

  21. All guests accompanied by members entering the grounds must sign in at the clubhouse before shooting. When the clubhouse is closed, the sign in sheet is at the range master's house. Please knock on his door and he will assist you in signing in your guests. Please have your guests read & sign a liability waiver, if they have not already done so. If they use our ranges, they are agreeing to all terms and conditions outlined there! If they do not accept these terms and conditions, they should not use our ranges! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR GUESTS AND THEIR ACTIONS!! There is a sign on the front of the kiosk which indicates whether to sign in at the range master's house or at the clubhouse.

  22. Eye and Ear Protection is MANDATORY on all SRGC ranges.

  23. Every member has the obligation to stop anyone who is misusing the ranges, destroying property, or violating safety rules and to report the incident to gun club manager and/or range master.

  24. SRGC maintains the right to alter or change these rules at any time and in a manner that we see fit to protect the best interests of the club.  These would include the closure of any range that might threaten the viability/safety of the Gun Club or its members.

  25. All members and guests are subject to expulsion and/or criminal prosecution for violation of club rules or for vandalism of the property.

  26. Any member or public trap/skeet shooter who, in the view of the Manager/Owners, is either disruptive, demeaning to any employee of SRGC or any shooter either through words or deeds, refuses to follow the Rules & Regulations of SRGC as explained to them by the Manager or his Designate, or publicly demeans South River Gun Club in general or any of it's employees while on club grounds will be given 1 (one) warning to cease/desist such actions. Any further violation will result in permanent expulsion from the Gun Club and the loss of privileges to shoot at SRGC under any conditions!

    XXVII. The two pistol bays on top of the upper camping area are designated as "training bays".  These two bays are for training purposes only and should not be used by the general membership for practice unless their use is approved by the Gun Club Manager or his designate!

Action Range Rules and Regulations

  1. All South River Gun Club Rules are in Force!!!!

  2. BE SAFE!  Follow the four commandments of gun handling:  a)  Treat every gun as though it were loaded; b)  Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target; c)  Do not point the muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy; d) Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

  3. Eye & Ear protection must be worn upon entering the range. 

  4. All guns not being shot must be benched, racked, holstered, or slung.  Do not walk around with a gun in your hand, loaded or not.  Any gun not holstered must have it's action open when not being used.

  5. Shoot within the berms of the shooting pit you choose.  Pit #5 will allow a distance of about 35 yards.  Pit #8 will get you about 55 yards from your target.  If you need more yardage, go to the rifle range.  

  6. Keep the muzzle of your firearm pointed downrange at all times.  All target stands must be placed so that all bullets will directly impact into the berms. For most applications, this would mean placing your stands/targets directly against the back or side berms.  Plinking targets should be placed ON THE BERM ITSELF TO REDUCE THE CHANCE OF RICOCHETS!!  Do not shoot at the floor of the pit!

  7.  .22 caliber rim fire rifles may be used in Pits #5 and 6. Pit #6 is now the designated "plinking range". 

  8. Pit #8 is intended for multifunctional use, however, there should be no firing laterally in this pit into or through the Cowboy Town, unless your practice routine is approved in advance by the Gun Club Manager.  All targets should otherwise be placed in the middle of the pit, up against the back berm and firing should be done only down the center of the pit. .22 rim fire rifles, practical rifles, center fire rifles, and shotgunners using stationary targets may use Pit #8 in addition to its basic use for action shooting, as long as your targets are placed as indicated previously.  Please do not tie up Pit #8 with close shooting drills.  If you are shooting at 30 yards or less, use one of the other pits and leave Pit #8 free for those who wish to practice "distance" shooting drills.

  9. No frangible targets except air-filled balloons and clay birds are allowed.  Target stands are on the premises.  You must supply your own targets.  Range props are not target stands!  Do not shoot at range furniture or props.

  10. We have two Glock style plate racks for use of the members.  The plates can be checked out during the hours that the clubhouse is open. Under no conditions are these plates, nor the plate rack itself to be shot with a caliber over .45.  NO RIFLE AMMUNITION IS TO BE SHOT AT THEM, NO MATTER THE CALIBER!!!!! They are NOT rated for rifle ammunition and will be damaged if you shoot them with rifles.  Failure to follow this rule will result in revocation of your membership! DO NOT SHOOT AT STEEL TARGETS CLOSER THAN ELEVEN (11) YARDS! DOING SO COULD RESULT IN INJURY TO YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!

  11. Please clean up and dispose of your trash in the furnished trash barrels.  Leave the shooting area as good as, or better than you found it, in other words, don't leave on the ground here what you wouldn't leave at your own home!

  12. Do not leave live rounds on the pit floors!  They pose a hazard to other shooters.

  13. Scheduled matches take priority over all other range requirements.  Schedules are posted in the clubhouse and on this website.

  14. All scheduled activity for the practical shooting range must be coordinated with  the gun club manager. This includes impromptu clinics/classes involving members and guests/students!

  15. Have fun, but be safe!

  16. If you have any questions regarding the use of the Practical Shooting Range, ask the range execs or the gun club manager.

  17. NO rifle calibers larger than .308 are allowed on the action shooting range (Cowboy action & 7.62 x 39 tactical rifles excluded)! Any caliber larger than .308 is to be used ONLY on the rifle range!


  19. Buckshot and shotgun slugs are allowed in the action pits, but only when used in a tactical manner or match situations. All other situations must use the rifle range.

Rifle Range Rules and Regulations

  1. All General SRGC rules will apply and must be observed.   

  2. Our main rifle range has reopened and again has shooting points for 50, 100, 200, & 300 yard rifle practice

  3. A range monitor must be present at all times when rifle practice is allowed!  Please schedule your appointments in advance by emailing the Gun Club Manager at  Up to 300 yard practice is allowable only if there is no one shooting on the shorter distance points.  Again, check with the gun club manager to schedule appointments and questions.
  4. The rifle areas are fixed distance, paper target areas.  Therefore, no cans, bottles, rocks, etc. may be used as targets.  Firing may only be done at a fixed distance of the range! 

  5. Target frames and plywood backers are provided at each berm.  Targets may ONLY be affixed to these by stapling ONE target to the center of the backer.  DO NOT slide any other apparatus over these frames.  

  6. Each and every member is responsible for cleaning up their targets, etc. from these frames after use.  Do not just leave your trash in them!  There are trash cans provided for this purpose! Your membership does not include the right to leave your trash for others to pick up.  Failure to observe this rule will result in a warning the first time and revocation of your membership the next time.  

  7. Targets must be set so as to insure that all bullets impact in such a way as to insure that they stay on the property and cause no safety problem.  This requires that targets be set so that the top of the target is below the top of the berm which must be immediately behind the target.  Do not shoot "cross range"--only down range and perpendicular to the firing line.

  8. No vehicles are allowed on the range.

  9. No full automatic fire is allowed, per General Rules.

  10. An area is also available in Action Bay #8 and is a multi-use area, whereby rifles, pistols or shotguns can be used.  Long range pistols may be fired on this range. 

  11. Scheduled activities have priority over casual unscheduled shooting.  Rifle area users are encouraged to check the SRGC website for range availability.  If you have a question about area availability, call the club ahead of time. 

  12. Failure to comply with these rules of SRGC is grounds for revoking range use privileges and/or membership. 

Bulls Eye Pistol Range Rules

  1. No rifles, shotguns or long guns may be used on this range, except for the extreme right hand side which is a designated "rifle use" area. No Magnum rifle calibers are allowed on this range/area at any time!

  2. Paper/cardboard targets only!! Targets must be fitted into the frames:

  • a)  Use only one bulls eye aiming point centered in a frame; no multiple aiming points.
  • b)  Do not fasten targets to frames with tape. This peels the paint from the frames.
  1. No bottles, cans, clay pigeons, rocks, blocks of wood, etc., may be used as targets.

  2. Do not shoot at frames, concrete cylinders, or other range furniture.  Do not cross-fire at targets or objects other than the target in the frame. corresponding to your point on the range.

  3. Clean up your mess!! All trash should be picked up before you leave the range. This includes lunch debris, ammo boxes, brass, targets, paper, etc.

  4. This range is primarily a bulls eye range used for competitive shooting and conventional pistol practice. Casual plinking facilities are provided in one of the action shooting pits.

  5. Shooters not engaged in bulls eye style firing will be expected to defer to those members shooting bulls eye style firing.

  6. Cooperation and coordination among all shooters using this range is required for the safety of all. Please coordinate your down range pasting/target change trips with the other shooters on the line!  When shooters are down range, do not handle any firearms! They must be benched with the actions open!

  7. Per General Rules, eye and ear protection must be worn by all shooters and spectators.

  8. This is a fixed distance range of 25 and 50 yards!  If you need other distances, please take it to the action bays!